Our Newsletters

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We are passionate about giving children a bright future, and we love to share our good news about the children! We love to share how education, healthcare, housing and nutrition truly transform the lives of vulnerable children—children who are poor, orphaned, disabled.

We very much want you to stay informed about all of the activities you are making possible. Sign up for one or both of our newsletters. The content is different in each, and we promise not to share your information.

E Newsletter

E-newsletters are sent out 4-6 times a year. They provide short and visual updates on timely activities helping vulnerable children and their families.

Traditional Mail Newsletter

Traditional mail newsletters sent via US Postal Service are sent out twice a year. They are chockfull and describe a broad array of activities for the children that have occurred over the past 6 or 7 months.  If you would like to receive our paper newsletter, please send a request to info@childrenofvietnam.org.

For a historical perspective, check out our past newsletters going back to 2002!